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    journée de voiture

Nowadays, cars have become a vital part of our life, from our day-to-day use to having long vacations. we prefer to travel by car. But that was not so several years ago.  Cars were the sign of prestige. They symbolized a man’s status in life and his deep pockets and were often show pieces in a portico. Cars fascinated me from childhood. I would think what would happen if cars could be like us for a day-- live a life of their own, master of their dreams and desires. So in this photo series I show what it would be like if a car could live on its terms for a day. The car travels from place to place enjoying the peaceful forests, speeding on a lonely road, racing with a friendly car. But the car’s day out ends on a sad note when it visits a car dump and finds where its journey could end. It comes back home leaving its wishes far behind!Enjoy the creatively done series on the car’s day out.

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