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In this story Deepesh Dixit covered some of the day to day chores done by kar sevaks which plead to utter devotion via selfless service

Kar seva is one of the main teachings of Sikhism  which means selfless service of others. A tradition set forth with the clear understanding that there is God within all of us, and thus by serving humanity you are serving God's creation. Kar Seva is also performed further by offering service for a religious cause, often for constructing a place of worship serving the one creator . 

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The Kathua rape case, on the abduction, rape, and murder of 8-year-old Asifa Bano of Bakarwal community in Rasana village, Jammu and Kashmir in January 2018, sparked countrywide outrage. Her body was discovered a week after her disappearance by villagers a kilometer away from where she lived. The incident made national news and charges were levied against eight men in April 2018. Arrest of the accused led to the protest by the political parties as well as the general public. These are photographs of a protest organized in Delhi at Jantar Mantar , India Gate and parts of Delhi through various kind of procession. It was difficult capturing these images with a melee of 40 photographers vying for the best image. The protest with dolls seemed appropriate for Asifa who was still young enough to be playing with dolls herself.

Nowadays, cars have become a vital part of our life, from our day-to-day use to having long vacations. we prefer to travel by car. But that was not so several years ago.  Cars were the sign of prestige. They symbolized a man’s status in life and his deep pockets and were often show pieces in a portico. 
Cars fascinated me from childhood. I would think what would happen if cars could be like us for a day-- live a life of their own, master of their dreams and desires. So in this photo series I show what it would be like if a car could live on its terms for a day. The car travels from place to place enjoying the peaceful forests, speeding on a lonely road, racing with a friendly car. But the car’s day out ends on a sad note when it visits a car dump and finds where its journey could end. It comes back home leaving its wishes far behind!
Enjoy the creatively done series on the car’s day out.

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